Bangkok Songkran Festival 2015

My first ever Sonkran Festival at Silom Road in Bangkok, Thailand.

Sonkran Festival is the Summer New Year of Thailand where they splash water as blessing to others.

Good Morning


Assume I can live until age of 80 (finger crossed), I will only get to sleep for another 18,000 times in my life. (50 years x 365) I better make it count.

A good morning starts at the night before. There is a saying that your first thought in the morning might be same as the last one before you went to bed. I tried to avoid the negative thinking before I went to sleep, of course sometime I failed. If I am thinking “Oh shit, it’s only Wednesday tomorrow.” Before I went to sleep. The first thought after I crawl up from bed will be “Damn, today is only Wednesday, there’s another 3 days to the weekend, so tired!” So to stay motivate every morning, I will set and decide what to do in the next day. I can’t change the fact that tomorrow is only Wednesday, but I switch my thought instead of negative craps, I will decide what to do tomorrow, what to eat as breakfast, what tasks I will need to complete or any appointments that I am looking forward to.

I can’t change my alarm to ring at 6AM every day; I tried to sleep about 11AM and I get to sleep about 7 hours a day which I thinks is sufficient.

I have some bad habits every morning which I always snooze my alarm and always check on my smartphone before I get my ass up from the bed. I believe millions of people are doing the same every morning. There are tons of article suggested that we should not snooze the alarm and leave the mobile phone away from the bed. To be honest, I am still doing the snoozing and check my mobile phone in the morning, but I set some ground rules, I can only snooze my alarm for maximum 15 minutes, and I can only check my mobile phone after I leave my house to work. I am doing pretty well so far, but I am targeting to have zero snooze next year. I will move my alarm and mobile phone away from my bed. This will force me to rise from bed and move to switch off the alarm. I also decided to switch on the light automatically every morning. I also replace reading book instead of browsing Facebook and twitter.

I will also drink a cup of plain water in the morning. This is very important because dehydration will causing body to be fatigue and tired. We need more water instead of more sleep. You can prepare a glass of water next to your bed at night. I always have my water bottle ready next to my bed and drinking water will definitely wakes me up, of course not as alert as coffee. I will be totally wide awakes after brushing my teeth and cold water shower.

In KL, the sky start to get bright at about 7AM, I make sure I leave my house before 7AM. By doing this, I am not only able to avoid the heavy traffic that demoralizes me, I also save petrol consumption. By reaching office earlier, I also have more time to have my breakfast. I usually take coffee or hot chocolate with my oatmeal and biscuits to make sure I have the sufficient calories to burn until 12:30PM lunch time.

To kick start my productive morning, I will review my yesterday to do list and plan for the tasks for the day. This enables me to prioritize my tasks as well as capture the hours I spent to work on yesterday tasks.

Next year I will not only target for zero snooze, I also planning to have light exercise in the morning. I wonder if I have enough time to do that in the morning. I might need to scarify the night time to sleep earlier to offset to get enough sleep.

If you only have 18,000 mornings, what will you do?

Discover Wall Art and Murals at Georgetown, Penang

It’s my birthday in 2014 and I decided to do something different this year.  So I decided to solo backpack to Penang Georgetown and checkout all the murals and iron sculptures in the town.

I booked Aeroline bus to Penang, this is my first time took bus to Penang. Also my first time get served food in Bus. I booked a dorm in at OnJourney Hostel, friendly staff, neat and clean! They also provide bicycle rental RM10 per day.

I list all the wall arts that I can find from the Internet and placed them into Google map:-

Red: Murals
Green: Iron Sculpture – Marking Georgetown Project
Yellow: 101 Lost Kittens Project







Marking Georgetown





101 Lost Kittens Project



Other Art in Penang


I also discover some mural have been removed and destroyed :(





After I came back to Kuala Lumpur, I found a new huge Mural at Jalan HS Lee/Jalan Gereja and 3D art at Masjid Jamek LRT Station.